• Continuum Theory And Modeling Of Thermoelectric Elements
  • Continuum Theory And Modeling Of Thermoelectric Elements

Continuum Theory And Modeling Of Thermoelectric Elements

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Sound knowledge of the latest research results in the thermodynamics and design of thermoelectric devices, providing a solid foundation for thermoelectric element and module design in the technical development process and thus serving as an indispensable tool for any application development

Some core sections address the specialist in the field of thermoelectric energy conversion, providing detailed discussion of key points with regard to optimization

The international team of authors with experience in thermoelectrics research represents such institutes as EnsiCaen Universite de Paris, JPL, CalTech, and the German Aerospace Center.

The text is aimed mainly at the project developer in the field of thermoelectric technology, both in academia and industry, as well as at graduate and advanced undergraduate students

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